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The Fine Print

Before submitting a job listing, please consider the following:

  • Almost everyone in the market for an invented language will care most about one thing: the timely delivery of translations. There are a few things to consider to make that process flow more easily.
  • Translations happen far more quickly if there is a core grammar and vocabulary (500-750 words) already in place when translation time arrives. For even the most experienced conlanger, having to create and translate on the fly is four to six times slower. Creating that core will take between 60 and 80 work hours. Your conlanger will have other obligations, so it is best to give them at least three months (two in emergency cases) to do the background work. If you are also hiring for a writing system, take into account the time for that, too.
  • A good conlang – even one as simple as a naming language – will not simply be a code for an already existing language (unless it is explicitly supposed to be one!). It touches on culture deeply. It will help your conlanger considerably to have access to any historical and cultural information about the speakers as soon as possible. Your conlanger may also have cultural suggestions. Make sure they know early who to contact for cultural questions.
  • For print media, you should get the work to be translated to the conlanger in reasonable time for them to complete the work, along with a clear statement about when the translations are due.
  • For visual media, the print media guidance also applies. In addition, translations will involve both dialogue for the actors to read as well as sound recordings to guide their pronunciation. Make sure there is a workflow in place to transfer these files efficiently. Some email servers will reject MP3 files above a certain size.

Thank you for your understanding. To complete a job listing form, please fill out the form below.

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  • How will this work be used? Is this for a novel, a film, a game, or some other work?
  • How should conlangers apply for this job? Do you want individuals to contact you privately? To leave a comment on this job board? Some other method?
  • What are the deadlines associated with this project? Do you need everything up front? Do you need certain things first and other things later? Please be as detailed as possible.
  • For more information about what to offer for any given job, please see the Pricing page.
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