Olivia Sikes needs approximately 8 interrelated languages/dialects, with some proto-forms, for a series of fantasy novels. The action takes place in a world that is generally based off medieval Europe. The languages are spoken by humans/humanoids (with the exception of a language spoken underwater by sea nymphs, which do still have human anatomy), and are somewhat based on, or similar to, medieval European languages. One language, while based on Norse/Nordic languages, has a unique evolution: it evolves with magic spells, so normal rules of evolution don’t really apply. One language already has phonetics, grammar, some roots and some vocabulary sketched out, but the conlanger is free to change it as much as is necessary.
During the initial stage, conlangs sketches will be sufficient. Later on, full languages and some translations will be needed.
The conlanger will also likely have a hand in worldbuilding the cultures, as language and culture are integral to one another.


Olivia Sikes

Application Period

Closed due to job filled


Deadlines are loose, but three finished languages are needed within a year.


Compensation is $150 for each conlang sketch as soon as it’s finished, with $150 dollars following for the rest as soon as funds are acquired. In addition, the conlanger is promised a negotiable share of the royalties once the book is published. This will be a recurring job, meaning that translations will be needed for several books, so the conlanger will get a share of the royalties for several books.
In addition, the conlanger will be credited for his work, probably even in the dedication.

To Apply

Email Olivia Sikes at “at” “dot” to express your interest in the project. Please include qualifications and samples of previous work.

Note: Please assume that comments left on this post will not be read by the employer.