Jakob E. Fenwick is looking for a conlanger willing to work with him on Silvarian, a language to be used in one or more fantasy novels. It is one of the languages of Mælcöroth, an ancient world with a lost continent sort of feel, inhabited by humans called Avarii “children of the Earth”. Silvarian is the language of an Empire made up of three ancient kingdoms (Valdéronia, Ægalia and Étania), each of which has a long, detailed history and culture. The Silvarians tend to be tall, fair in complexion and live very long lives. They are a people of balance with the natural world and have a great love of trees, waters, mountains, music and poetry, but also have a long history with wars and military.
The language to be developed is Common Silvarian, an a priori language influenced by Old English, Latin, Finnish and Italian, intended to sound exotic, smooth and elegant, yet with a slight imperialistic feel. Maps and names of geographical locations have been established, along with many words, phrases and part of the script. The conlanger is expected to develop this language into a full conlang and orthography. Most of what has been established is open to change, in good communication with the employer.


Jakob E. Fenwick

Application Period

Closed due to job filled


There is no specific deadline, but seven months would be a reasonable time-frame.


Compensation is $800, but a higher amount can be negotiated. Payment will happen in the form of a deposit of $300 up front, followed by increments that work best for both sides. Should the conlanger wish for more work, including older forms of the language in question and other languages for different cultures in this fictional world, further arrangements can be worked out.
Besides compensation, the conlanger will be credited as a co-creator of the language.

To Apply

Email Jakob E. Fenwick at “at” “dot” to express your interest in the project. Please include qualifications and samples of previous work.

Note: Please assume that comments left on this post will not be read by the employer.