Toby O’Hara is looking for a skilled conlanger to develop a conlang sketch for a new intellectual property set in a fantasy world, to be used for novels, role playing games, miniatures and board games, but starting with novels. The premise behind this language is that it was originally created by angelic and daemonic beings. The beings had a complex system for communication, based on telepathy and glyphs/runes, which they adapted into an audible language to communicate with lesser beings (i.e. humans). Nowadays, this language is long lost and forgotten, but traces of it still exist within all forms of spoken communication of the present-day world.
Initially, all that is needed is a basic conlang sketch with rules for naming characters, locations and concepts. Only a romanization is needed, the writing system is to be designed later. Regarding lexical forms, most needed are opposing concepts (e.g. good/evil, light/dark, female/male, etc.), so no more than 50 words would be necessary at this time. The sound and look of this romanized language is open to the conlanger’s imagination, hopefully with some input or feedback from the employer along the way.
Ultimately, this sketch is intended to be developed into a full conlang that will serve as the starting point for the creation of several (3-5) other spin-off languages. The language will also need a script, possibly a glyph or rune system in the vein of the Chinese hanzi or Japanese kanji, but obviously with its own unique look and feel. For that reason, experts with experience creating glyph or symbolic orthographies would be highly desirable.
This job posting is just for the initial conlang sketch. The additional work referred to above will be negotiated and contracted separately. Depending on how many people apply for the job, it is possible that more than one person will be hired to do this first sketch. In that case, it will be up to the employer which sketch will be used, and which person(s) will be hired for future assignments.


Toby O’Hara

Application Period

Closed due to job filled


The deadline for the Conlang Sketch is 3 months, but this can be negotiated.


The compensation is $200 for the Conlang sketch, which will be paid in two installments (half up front, half upon completion). An additional $100 will be paid if the sketch can be completed before July 31. Besides compensation, the language creator will be fully credited for their work.

To Apply

Please email ‘-’ at ‘-’ dot ‘-’ for more information. Any sample conlangs that the applicant is willing/authorized to share would be greatly appreciated. The chosen candidate must be willing to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) before work commences.
Note: Please assume that comments left on this post will not be read by the employer.