Karen Myers is looking for four naming languages for a fantasy series of indefinite length. The cultures have the following characteristics and the languages should suggest that:

  1. A) Vaguely Chinese/Far-Eastern — heavily organized, large (far-away) capital city, dominant regional culture, militarily powerful. The story is placed in the inland western rural border area. (We may never see the capital).
  2. B) Vaguely Arabic — lightly nomadic (with some small settlements), horse-based, individualistic warriors, non-dominant regionally (minority culture), allied to (A)
  3. C) Vaguely Afghan — mountain primitives and coastal dwellers (depending) — we only meet the mountain primitives — with a territory-raiding and cross-breeding relationship to (A)
  4. D) Vaguely northern European — on the edge of Himalayan-style mountains, snow, academic institutions, trade

An Anglophone audience should hear enough echo in the manifestations of the conlang that the real-world culture analogue suggests itself.

Due to time constraints, preference will be given to applicants with pre-existing sketches that can be adapted to the novel.  Because this is intended for a series, work can continue past the proposed publication date for book 1 (12/31/2015), but words/terms appearing in book 1 would need to be finalized before then. Actual uses in book 1 would be about 100 proper names, 100 geographic names, 20 object words, some coherent cultural discussions (notes about writing systems, etc.).


Karen Myers

Application Period

Closed at request of the employer


Wordlists should be delivered by the end of December, as each naming language is ready. Future work to be negotiated with employer.


$600 ($300 upfront, $300 on final delivery). Compensation for additional work can be negotiated.

To Apply

Email KarenMyers *at* HollowLands *dot* com to express your interest in the project.