Myla St Crispin is looking for a conlang expert to help her flesh out a conlang sketch she has created. She has specific ideas as to the aesthetics of the language, but needs the help of an experienced conlanger to flesh it out into a full, usable language.
The deliverables for this project are:

  • A full conlang with a 500-1000 words vocabulary. This language’s vocabulary should be connotative rather than denotative, thus a small vocabulary is enough. If an extension of the language is needed, this can be negotiated separately;
  • An orthography for the conlang. Here again, the employer wants to incorporate some specific concepts in this writing system, but needs an experienced person to help her flesh it out.


Myla St Crispin

Application Period

Closed due to job filled


The conlang and orthography should be ready by end August.


$600 ($300 upfront, $300 on final delivery). Compensation for additional work can be negotiated.

To Apply

Email “at” “dot” to express your interest in the project. The employer is based in the Los Angeles area, and would prefer to work with someone local, but this is not a strict requirement.

Note: Please assume that comments left on this post will not be read by the employer.