The Secret King is a scifi book series with plans for companion graphic novels and a TV series. The creators need a full conlang with at least 1000 words as well as a writing system. The speakers of this language are humanoids with a homogeneous culture and the ability to directly absorb energy.


Dawn Chapman

Application Period

closed due to job filled


The employer needs some key vocabulary ready by December and the full language by February next year.


$600 for the language ($200 upfront, $200 for initial vocabulary, $200 on final delivery). $400 for the writing system ($200 upfront, $200 on final delivery).

To Apply

Email — (with heading FOR TSK CONLANG) to express your interest in the project. Please be prepared to provide samples of previous work.

Note: Please assume that comments left on this post will not be read by the employer. All comments left on this post will be deleted after the job has closed.