The Riddlesbrood Theater Company is looking for a long term collaboration with a language creator to further develop their conlang Brooding. Brooding is a central part of the troupe’s identity, and they wish to further extend its use in their various ventures. In order to achieve this, they need a language expert to further develop the language.

The Brooding language has already been developed by a conlanger, but that person lacks the time to collaborate on a monthly basis with the theater company, and for this reason they are looking for a conlanger to help them grow the language on a more consistent basis. The language is well documented, including a well-written grammar, a small lexicon, and a document on how to extend the language. The job of the new collaborator will be to familiarise themself with the existing material and extend it while keeping to the spirit of the language. Brooding is still a new language with a small vocabulary, so there is room for creativity, and the new collaborator will be given credit for their work as fit (including co-authorship as time goes on).


The Riddlesbrood Theater Company

Application Period

Closed due to job filled


The employer is looking for a long-term collaboration, so there is no deadline to this job. There will be some work on a monthly basis for the company’s blog (about a short paragraph’s worth of translation), as well as work needed as the company develops new shows. The new collaborator will be given a month to get familiar with the language and the existing material before they are expected to produce new work.


$100 per blog post and $350 for the next show, negotiable. Fees for further shows will be negotiated during development depending on the needs of the company and the work needed.

To Apply

Email “at” “dot” to express your interest in the project. Please be prepared to provide samples of previous work. Experience and enthusiasm are welcome.

Note: Please assume that comments left on this post will not be read by the employer. All comments left on this post will be deleted after the job has closed.