(Note: Written by poster, Tex Thompson.)

I would like to commission three constructed languages:

  1. A dialect/variant of Spanish that retains a true neuter gender
  2. A dialect/variant of French that likewise uses the neuter gender
  3. An original language with some relation to the Uto-Aztecan language family

In the third case, I’d like a full conlang (excluding orthography), with about 150 words of translated material for use in the final product. For the first two, I would ideally like to have a grammatical ruleset that would allow me to translate from the modern languages (or from Latin) into their alternative/conlang counterparts, if that’s realistic/feasible.

In all three cases, I’ve got a scant handful of names and words already in use, and would like to discuss those up-front.

These languages are for use in a series of epic fantasy novels based in an alternate version of the American Southwest. The first two books in the series are already under contract, but have not yet gone to press.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be working in this world for the next few years at least, so I’d really like to find one go-to conlanger who’s up for a long-term relationship—paid appropriately as future jobs pop up, of course. It would be great to work with someone who likewise enjoys big-world fantasy (one reviewer summarized my first book as “Terry Pratchett writing The Gunslinger”), but that’s not a requirement. All I really need is someone who’s capable, responsive, and up for a bit of backing-and-forthing as we iron out the particulars. (I can promise not to micromanage, eat your life, or turn into the demanding client from hell.)


Tex Thompson

Application Period

Open Until Filled


Delivery by the end of January


$1300 total ($500 up front; $300 midway [at an agreed-upon milestone]; $500 upon completion), preferably via PayPal.

To Apply

Email — “at” — “dot” — to express your interest in this project.

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