Mobile app developer looking for someone that can create a writing system that can only be deciphered by using said mobile app. Embedded in the writing system should be a cipher. It is not necessary to create a full blown language, rather the writing system should consist of entirely new glyphs. These glyphs should be somewhat artistic in nature rather than following the form of basic letters. The key is that the system is extremely difficult to crack as to push people to the mobile app to figure out what messages, using the new glyphs, say. The mobile app is not part of the spec.

(Editor’s Note: This is to be a substitution cipher for the English language.)


Michael Yanoff

Application Period

Open Until Filled


2 months


$800 for the cipher and glyphs; $400 extra for a font of the glyph system (if needed).

To Apply

Email — “at” — “dot” — to express your interest in this project.

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