Language Needed for Children’s Book Series


Children’s Book Publisher is seeking a new language for a children’s book series in development. The series targets kids ages 7-11. It takes place in present day, based on a family of activists and a hidden community of talking bears. The bears communicate with their human counterparts through the use of translation devices, but among themselves they have developed a complete language. An exciting component of this is interactivity between kid readers and the language. The goal is to foster a community of readers who contribute to the lexicon of the language through an interactive online site. With this in mind, the language should strike a balance in complexity; simple enough that kids can participate, yet complex enough to still be an interesting puzzle. Please email Elizabeth Grojean (see below), including a summary of experience and qualifications. The fee is a minimum of $2,000 negotiable based on qualifications, with the potential for further translation work under a separate contract as new books in the series are developed.


Elizabeth Grojean

Application Period

Open Until Filled


Request a few words (1-2 sentences) by mid-June to use as a sample in a pitch presentation. Final language due date is flexible based on standard development times.


Fee starts at $2,000; negotiable based on experience.

To Apply

Email – “dot” – “at” – “dot” – to express your interest in this project.

Note: Please assume that comments left on this post will not be read by the employer. All comments left on this post will be deleted after the job has closed.

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