About the LCS Jobs Board

The LCS Jobs Board is a blog that will detail jobs the Language Creation Society (LCS) receives and provide information on how to apply for them. In addition to general announcements and jobs the LCS itself might need, we will post job offers for created languages that are needed by outside individuals or organizations. These will be labeled “Free-For-All Jobs”.

Free-For-All Jobs

For a free-for-all job, clients will post a listing themselves and describe it in whatever manner they wish, and interested conlangers can contact those clients directly. The results are not guaranteed by the LCS. Likewise, the LCS cannot guarantee payment on the part of the client. Both clients and conlangers are advised that any agreements entered into as a result of a posting on this jobs board are entered into at the risk of both parties.

If you have any questions about the site, please email jobs (at) conlang (dot) org. To apply for a given job, use the email address(es) supplied by the client in the associated post.

Note: Free-for-all jobs were previously referred to as “open jobs.” Due to confusion about closed jobs still accepting applicants, the name “open jobs” has been changed to “free-for-all jobs.”